Two to 200
Image of KH Leather Gloves (Size XS)

KH Leather Gloves (Size XS)

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By Katharina Höglinger


EDITION Three unique pairs with different drawings – ed. 1/3 in Size M, ed. 2/3 in Size XS, ed. 3/3 in Size S | Drawings on leather gloves, sheepskin leather, lined with natural-colored wool jersey. | CERTIFICATE stamped and numbered with pencil | PACKAGING wrapping paper, customized by the artist, cardboard box, stamped on the lid, 32 × 23 × 5 cm

Katharina Höglinger paints on canvas and on clothing. Her works hold the ideas and images which are floating into her mind. In her drawings different characters go their own ways, like the curly haired dog, the tulip in a vase, or the smoker. In November 2020 Katharina drew the first stamp for Two to 200 on one of these gloves.

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