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Image of Untitled (CH 07/2021)

Untitled (CH 07/2021)


By Christian Hutzinger


EDITION 25 + 2 AP | Acrylic paint on cardboard, two parts, stamped on the back, 10 × 7 and 30 × 7 cm | INSTALLATION GUIDE digital printing on recycled paper, 29,7 × 21 cm | PACKAGING & CERTIFICATE envelope stamped on both sides with artist stamp and edition number, 32,4 × 23 cm

Christian Hutzinger's painting is part of the room in which it appears. Through his work the existing elements of the room get into new relationships, conventional orders disappear, and the realities of space and painting interconnect. In 2020 Christian designed a stamp for our house by repeatedly drawing smiley faces from the letters T, W, O, and the number 2. Later he developed this mural as an edition – two painted parts that can be installed individually around an electrical socket – and stamped the stamp's drawing in it's original size on the packaging.

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